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What's the difference?

Have you ever looked out in the internet and social media world and thought...what makes me so different? While doing research in my industry of web design and development, I became quite overwhelmed, at what seemed like an over saturated market. 2018 was a year of organizing and planning my business launch as a web branding stylist. But the comparison trap challenged me, as I struggled to find my difference or 'unicorn factor' among all the rest. One day, I looked at my resume, then it dawned on me, what separates me from the pack is my passion for... giving back!

Standing out by Giving Back!

Children have been a passion of mine since high school. As I transitioned into technology (in 2015) I naturally wanted to connect it to this passion. So in my spare time, mentoring (kids and youth) by teaching technology, lit my fire. Teaching children, especially girls, to code (computers) provided a sense of fulfillment. The sheer joy and fun of being around children is so addictive.

Mentoring youth using technology was my first 'why', for switching careers to technology. My goal was to level up financially so that I could serve more youth on a grand scale somehow (I'm still working on that goal).

In 2018 as I started working on creating my web styling and branding business, highlighting this passion, of mine on my website was of utmost importance. After doing research I did not see many web designers talk about their charitable initiatives on their websites. (This is not a bad thing!) So, I figured I'd be the first (or one of the first) to do so on my me that 'unicorn factor', which I needed to stand out.

Be the Change

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world " - Mahatma Gandhi

Women and minorities in the technology industry are still highly underrepresented. Therefore, I have made it (one of) my life mission(s) to help expose minority youth, and girls to technology. That is my way to being the change I wish to see, in this ever advancing technological world. In my web styling business, I communicate with my clients that, as you work with me, you support my mission to...give back. It's takes all of us to be a change agent...for good.

Researching the industry of web designers and developers, allowed me to encounter some amazing people, who are doing phenomenal things in their own way. Yet and still, we all strive for individuality and desire to be unique with a purpose. I believe that is why we are called human (be)ings...for we all want to


Hi I am Jael! I have experience in computer programing, software testing (QA) web development and web design. Book a free 30 minute discovery call with me to create your website and brand!

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