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I'm a Website Stylenista...

creating strategic and beautiful web designs for the solo and small business empathreneur!

 Need A Website To Call Home?

Your business is one with a heart!

You've put a lot of heart into writing your book, building your business or launching your creative endeavor.  Why? Because...


You're not a hustler... you are a server- with heart-er!


You genuinely want to work and serve, in a way that will change the world. 

Your're an empathreneur!


So, you need an online space (a website) for clients to call home and discover all that you have to offer.

You tried to "DIY" a website, but it was way too confusing, frustrating and overwhelming.


You looked for web designer,

but you haven't come across a designer that speaks to your introverted, highly sensitive (hsp) and empathic nature.


Analysis paralysis feel stuck!


But don't worry,  it's not just happenstance that you've come across my web space.


You are here because, as an empathreneur, you want to do business differently.


You want to do business with heart!


I deeply understand you and I created this business just for you.

I am here to help guide you in creating an online space, a place to call home...

without the confusion, frustration and overwhelm, but with a lot of heart!




/ˈempaTHprəˈnər, empaTHprəˈno͝o(ə)r/

A highly intuitive business person who serves others, with every fiber of their being, with intense awareness, compassion and empathy.

 Empathreneurs serve the world with intense heart!

My Style Portfolio


Jael’s client service, from beginning to end, is an experience that is intuitive, strategic and results oriented. She went above and beyond in assisting me in creating my city county council website. My website was created to launch my political campaign for volunteer and donor support. Her professional experience in web designing and branding allowed me to be at ease with her creative process. She exceeded my expectations! I also love that the results of that process allowed for unique personal touches and highlighted my personality to the site. If you need more than just a website but a website creation experience, Jael Jones is the woman for you!

-Crystal Puckett, City County Council Candidate


Let's Get Started

"The Best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."
-Chinese Proverb

My gift to you:  a free 30 minute discovery call!

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