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You Hired...Yourself?!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

After filling out what seemed like the hundredth job application and going to what seemed like the one hundredth job interview, I began to doubt my professional worth. My internal talk was, "I work hard, I'm dedicated and a team player. So why is no one seeing it?!" I began to doubt my professional worth.But then I started to think..."Jael if you were to interview you...would you hire yourself?"

Believing in My Hireability

As I started asking these questions. I knew it all came down to one thing: My belief in my value and my self-worth to be and make more. Working hard and being flexible came easy on the jobs in which I worked. However, there was a yearning for more of a position with purpose and better pay to live a financially free life. Yes it was time for me to look at the (wo)man in the mirror and remind myself of my worth- of being hired and being paid well enough to sustain myself.

Now Self Hiring

Waiting around for the job that's right for me, is just like waiting around for prince charming. The wait is officially over and I am taking the steps necessary to hire myself and create the purpose filled and flexible life I desire in the web design industry. It takes courage to hire oneself. Jim Rohn, a masterful business man, said you need to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. I figured when I hire myself I can work on me, while doing work that I love!

Are you worth it? (If you didn't know already you definitely are!)

Tell me... would you hire yourself and become your own boss? If so, what would you be doing? (If you could not fail at it!)

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