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You Want to See What I Can Do? Ok, this is for you!


This is just a sample of my work. From app creation to print, since starting my web styling in 2015. Now in the present, I'm  building Salesforce Apps! There is way more but these are the ones which  I adore!

YogaRX App
App Creation, Design & Branding

2016 C# MVC coded with an awesome team. Wire-framing and logo branding with user interface and user experience concepts were implemented and created for beginner yogis. You can review the video here.

If you would like to download the free app. You can do so here.

Please note, since this is a free server,  it will take a few seconds (30+) to download! Thanks for your patience!

Kim Dickerson
Website Styling  & Branding

This 2015 portfolio website was created for actress, model and speaker Kimberly Dickerson. A piece of CSS code was used to style the navigation. It was a sheer joy creating this site.  

Web Application
WebApp Creation UI/UX & Coding

 In 2016, I helped create a simple ASP.NET Web Application coded using C#. The purpose of this project was to create a web application that could enroll imaginary students in school. How cool! If you want to view my source code visit my GitHub.

Landing Page
Web Styling, Design & Branding

2015 Landing Page created while learning an online course. This landing page was created from scratch using  CSS, HTML, font paring, Social Media, connecting and color palette concepts were used in creating this design. Coding is power!

abtme (2).png
DJ Dre 1800
Print, Design & Branding

2017: Three part brochure created for Atlanta DJ Andre Peterson. Elements from his website that was used as an inspiration to create his brochure. Brand consistency is key!

Love What You See?

I am currently open for employment, projects or if you want to connect!

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